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College Football Rule Changes New To 2013


College Football Rule Changes New To 2013  

Savvy NCAA football fans are well aware of the ins and outs governing every single play, but even the most hard-core can have a difficult time keeping up with the various off-season rule changes before they actually see them implemented in regular season play. We have reviewed every adjustment and modification to the college football rulebook and boiled the list down to a short discussion featuring the most important.

Many off-season rule changes were designed to minimize injuries, especially those that result from a hit to an essentially defenseless player. A handful of acts that occur on the football field have been defined as putting a player in a “defenseless” situation. Unloading on a kicker just after they kick a ball, hitting a kick returner just after they catch a ball, smacking a ballcarrier who has fallen to the ground or hammering one who is clearly out of the field of play will not only be noted with a 15-yard penalty, it will also result in an ejection of the offender.

One distinctly gray area in the collection of situations defining defenseless players is “A receiver whose focus is on catching a pass.” How this ends up being legislated will go a long way toward determining the course of the regular season for many defense-oriented schools. 15-yard penalties and automatic first downs are damaging enough, but the immediate removal of a player who could certainly be an instrumental piece of any school’s stop unit is such a powerful deterrent that it could easily lead to members of the secondary approaching the game entirely differently.

Other rules seem to be aimed at bringing college football up to speed with the professional ranks. Referees will now be allowed to institute an automatic 10 second runoff when the clock stops within the final minute of each half as a result of an injured player. The clock obviously stops in the immediate wake of any first down, but quarterbacks will no longer be given the option to spike the ball to stop the clock if less than four seconds remain on it. This is an interesting new limitation that will likely come into play at some point near the middle of the season in a very important, nationally-televised game.

A handful of cosmetic rules aimed at sorting out jersey numbers are also going into effect at the beginning of the season. Players on the same team simply cannot wear the same number, a practice that had gotten a little out of hand under Head Coach Lane Kiffin at the University of Southern California and on a few other campuses in recent years. Given that each player is presented with 100 different options from 0 through 99, the NCAA decided it was high time to demand that every team gives every player a unique uniform number. Additionally, the school will be penalized substantially if their jersey numbers are too close of a match in color tone with the jersey itself. This rule is seen as a necessary and logical step toward allowing teams to camouflage information that could be important to defensive coaches and players on the defensive unit.

Interestingly, the NCAA Rules Committee did review a proposed rule change that they ultimately rejected. It involved prohibiting teams from wearing the same color jerseys or as close to the same color as they could possibly get to the color of their playing field. The rule is obviously aimed at eliminating the perceived advantage that the Boise State Broncos have on their home field blue turf, but implementing it would have stepped a bit too far into the realm of jurisdiction which comes to teams that happen to wear shades of green that resemble natural grass.

Much Comes into Focus Throughout College Football’s Second Week


Much Comes into Focus Throughout College Football’s Second Week

After a long off-season in which many fan bases allowed both anticipation and expectations to build, the 2013 NCAA college football season finally began about a week and a half ago. In the 10 days since, a whole lot of truths have been scribbled onto the wall of this year’s campaign, and a few teams are riding high and riding low. Here’s a fast-paced breakdown of the action from Week 2 of what is sure to be a fast-moving college football season.

The Alabama Crimson Tide did not play last weekend, but the #2-ranked Oregon Ducks made the longest journey away from their campus in Eugene since the 70s to play the Virginia Cavaliers on their home turf. The Ducks brought the pain from start to finish, proving to be too fast and too deep at the talent positions for a spirited Virginia team cheered on by sold-out crowd. The final ended up being 59 – 10, and Oregon stopped short of putting their proverbial foot on Virginia’s proverbial throat, it was a clear signal to the entire nation that the Ducks are here to win a National Championship.

The Ohio State Buckeyes had their way with the San Diego State Aztecs at home in Columbus, but they lost starting quarterback Braxton Miller early in the game to what appeared to be a knee injury. The #3-ranked Buckeyes are riding a winning streak that extends back to the 2011 season, but all bets are off if Miller is unable to suit up and get under center throughout the rest of the season.

The 4th-ranked team in the nation is the Clemson Tigers, and they appear intent on not letting go of their top-flight ranking. They took care of the second test on their schedule by dismantling South Carolina State at home, and they will now head into the bulk of a conference schedule that is among the most difficult in the nation.

Many college football fans in the South had their attention fixed firmly on the South Carolina versus Georgia game that unfolded between the hedges in Athens late Saturday afternoon. The offensive juggernauts exchanged blows throughout the first half and went into halftime tied at 24, but Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray and stud running back Todd Gurley were clearly not going to let this team lose two in a row to start the season, and they prevailed with an 11-point victory. The loss will certainly mean a slip in the rankings for South Carolina, who came into the game at the nation’s sixth-ranked team.

Many SEC fans expected the Florida Gators to do big things this year and perhaps even make some noise in the BCS Bowl picture. The possibility for that was dealt a major setback in Miami on Saturday afternoon as the Gators were unable to establish a consistency on offense and were seemingly outcoached for the first time in the Will Muschamp era.

Other top-ranked teams such as LSU, Stanford and Texas A&M all took care of business at home. The other game featuring two teams in the top-25 pitted the Notre Dame Fighting Irish against the Michigan Wolverines in a raucous and jam-packed Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. Michigan set the pace in this game and controlled the tempo throughout, although Notre Dame fought back in the second half to make the final score a respectable one at 30 – 41. Interestingly, it was the exact same final score as the only other game that featured two ranked teams.

2013 Virginia Tech Quality T-shirts


2013 Virginia Tech Quality T-shirts

There are many types of Tee shirts made in the world of college merchandise, but true Virginia Tech fans have learned how to tell the difference between a quality Hokies shirt and one that is not worth purchasing. Every shirt you will find here satisfies the following criteria for being a truly great VT T-shirt.

For starters, a quality Virginia Tech football T-shirt has to be comfortable and affordable. In order for this to be achieved, our shirts are made with soft, high-performance fabrics that give each of them a vintage feel. In an era of mass-producing, Tee shirt manufacturers got a bit off track in terms of quality during the past few decades, but we understand the importance of maintaining a very high level of quality with each product we offer. Our Under Armor shirts are especially popular with folks who play sports competitively on any level.

Good Hokies T-shirts also have to be stylish with attractive graphics. A wide range of styles and designs can be found on this site, ranging from the most old-school and vintage looks to the most modern interpretations of the Virginia Tech logo. In recent years, the purple-skinned Hokies mascot has undergone a dramatic physical evolution, clearly a result of spending hundreds of hours of hard work in the gym. The modern-day mascot appears to be able to bench press as much as Bruce Smith while running as fast as Michael Vick. Additionally, we have T-shirts in the classic Virginia Tech colors, including “Chicago Maroon” and classic burnt orange. T-shirts featuring a variety of gray tones complemented by both of those unmistakable hues are also readily available.

Many of our shirts strike the perfect balance between being rare and recognizable. Many patterns will allow you to show off the classic VT logo of the proud school that has been a dominant force in Division I football for the past three decades, and an incredible array of options means that you will be able to wear a common look in a unique way. possess a large variety of Tee shirt options for Virginia Tech fans, including the most classic and vintage threads to the most modern and recently produced designs. By having a finger on the pulse of the entire Hokie nation, we continue to provide fans in and around Blacksburg and all over the world with comfortable and high-quality T-shirts at great prices that allow fans to proudly display their Virginia Tech allegiance and spirit in style.

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Best Local Places To Eat Near Virginia Tech Campus


Best Local Places To Eat Near Virginia Tech Campus

Folks outside of Virginia are probably generally unaware of the culinary greatness that is going on within the city of Blacksburg, home to Virginia Tech University. It should come as no surprise that a campus where some of the most advanced technological breakthroughs and achievements are taking place has a large and diverse selection of excellent eats just steps outside of campus. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best spots to visit for each meal of the day.

Breakfast – Gillie’s Inspired Vegetarian Cuisine & Seafood

Gillie’s is one of the most progressive and health-conscious restaurant in town, which is not something that is commonly found steps outside of a major North American campus. Many of the students and members of the general population of Blacksburg have increasingly become interested in the most modern fusions and creations that the culinary industry has to offer. Everyone who sets foot inside this locale about a half-mile north of Lane Stadium is in store for good food that will give them energy to tackle a large day of events. Impressively, the overwhelming majority of the few dozen delicious breakfast options can be prepared using a process that keeps them gluten-free and/or entirely vegan. Hearty and filling plates stacked with common American breakfast ingredients come out of the kitchen nearly every minute, and folks in the mood for a sweet breakfast should check out the Belgian Waffle or the Banana Walnut French Toast.

Lunch – Boudreaux’s

The French Cajun influence in Blacksburg is still plain to see in several establishments around town, and Boudreaux’s Louisiana Kitchen may be one of the single greatest places to experience this cuisine. Founded in the mid-1990s, this place quickly gained a reputation as one of the most comfortable and classy in a region full of esteemed establishments. Local food that represents the region and the people is the ongoing theme of this popular and somewhat upscale lunch and dinner locale.

Those paying a visit to Blacksburg can experience some top shelf Cajun eats for very reasonable prices during lunchtime, when favorites such as Spinach & Crawfish Dip and a variety of shrimp-based dishes appear on the menu alongside classics such as Oyster Rockefeller. It is difficult to go wrong with the Po’ Boy for lunch, and five different meat preparation options will satisfy any palate.

Dinner – Lefty’s Main Street Grille

Situated about a mile to the east of Lane Stadium is Lefty’s Main Street Grill. This place has a very impressive mixture of foreign-based and local dishes cooked by some of the most skilled chefs in the region. The dinner specials change on a regular basis, which is one of the reasons the locals enjoy dining here every bit as much as visitors to the city operating on word-of-mouth suggestions. Lefty’s is a perfect family establishment in the sense that mom and dad can partake in dishes such as Cucumber Dill Salmon or Duck Salad while the kids feast on Cali Burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Dessert – Rita’s

Many of the tasty and colorful creations at this desert spot involved shaved ice, and the popular dessert spot has clearly perfected the art of putting the delicate dessert together. Cream ice, sugar-free Italian ice and Italian ice are the highlights of the menu, but Rita’s also has modern staples of the dessert realm such as Sundaes, Gelati and Misto — a blend of Italian ice and custard. It’s difficult to go wrong with anything on this menu, and low caloric totals keep guilt levels to a minimum.

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