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Virginia Tech Snags Eight 4-Star Recruits to Fill Key Positions on Big Signing Day


Virginia Tech Snags Eight 4-Star Recruits to Fill Key Positions on Big Signing Day

The most well-respected college football ranking websites have placed Virginia Tech’s 2014 recruiting class at somewhere in the #20 – #25 range. It includes a total of eight four-star recruits and 14 three-star recruits, highlighted by some of the most coveted players in the great state of Virginia.

Head Coach Frank Beamer obviously knows how to recruit, and the fact that he is a living legend of college football at this point in time certainly doesn’t hurt his chances when he steps in the living room of a blue-chip high school student. Virginia Tech has had success recruiting defensive players throughout the entirety of Beamer’s tenure, but the lack of consistent offensive production in 2013 certainly created a need for some wide receivers and running backs who can make an impact soon.

Enter Shai McKenzie, a 6’0”, 214-pound four-star running back that tore apart defenses in high school in the city of Washington, Pennsylvania. He is joined by fellow four-star recruit Marchand Williams, a hometown kid out of Hampton who is a few inches shorter and has already put an official 4.57 40-Yard dash time on record. Coaches will certainly be working with these two highly-touted running backs, hoping to implement them into a system that is in dire need of weapons that can bring opposing defensive backs and linebackers closer to line of scrimmage, opening up the holes for big passing gains down the sidelines.

Likely snagging his fair share of those passes in upcoming seasons will be wide receiver Cameron Phillips, a Hyattsville, Maryland four-star recruit with a slim 6’0”, 178-pound frame that he is sure to be adding muscle to soon. The Hokies have landed a collection of three-star wide receivers, and it is very likely that one or more will break out of become top-tier pass catchers.

But as is normally the case for Virginia Tech recruiting classes, this one is highlighted by few stud defenders. Savvy fans in Blacksburg are already talking about CJ Reavis, a lightning-quick 6’0” defensive back with a ripped physique and a knack for shutting down receivers of all sizes. The obvious conclusion is that Virginia Tech will have a “Reavis Island” of their own, although it is spelled slightly different than his NFL counterpart.

On top of all these players, the biggest score in this year’s recruiting class for the Hokies was Raymon Minor, an esteemed and coveted four-star recruit out of Richmond who created mismatches for offenses and defenses alike while dominating both sides of the ball at Benedictine High School as an outside linebacker and tight end. It’s unclear exactly how Virginia Tech will use the 6’3”, 215-pounder, but early indications point to him being the linchpin of the linebacking corps for the next handful of seasons. One scout observed that he “comes off the edge like he’s shot out of a cannon,” an image that gives Virginia Tech fans a lot of reasons to be hopeful about this team’s chances in the ACC in the upcoming seasons.