Best Local Places To Eat Near Virginia Tech Campus


Best Local Places To Eat Near Virginia Tech Campus

Folks outside of Virginia are probably generally unaware of the culinary greatness that is going on within the city of Blacksburg, home to Virginia Tech University. It should come as no surprise that a campus where some of the most advanced technological breakthroughs and achievements are taking place has a large and diverse selection of excellent eats just steps outside of campus. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best spots to visit for each meal of the day.

Breakfast – Gillie’s Inspired Vegetarian Cuisine & Seafood

Gillie’s is one of the most progressive and health-conscious restaurant in town, which is not something that is commonly found steps outside of a major North American campus. Many of the students and members of the general population of Blacksburg have increasingly become interested in the most modern fusions and creations that the culinary industry has to offer. Everyone who sets foot inside this locale about a half-mile north of Lane Stadium is in store for good food that will give them energy to tackle a large day of events. Impressively, the overwhelming majority of the few dozen delicious breakfast options can be prepared using a process that keeps them gluten-free and/or entirely vegan. Hearty and filling plates stacked with common American breakfast ingredients come out of the kitchen nearly every minute, and folks in the mood for a sweet breakfast should check out the Belgian Waffle or the Banana Walnut French Toast.

Lunch – Boudreaux’s

The French Cajun influence in Blacksburg is still plain to see in several establishments around town, and Boudreaux’s Louisiana Kitchen may be one of the single greatest places to experience this cuisine. Founded in the mid-1990s, this place quickly gained a reputation as one of the most comfortable and classy in a region full of esteemed establishments. Local food that represents the region and the people is the ongoing theme of this popular and somewhat upscale lunch and dinner locale.

Those paying a visit to Blacksburg can experience some top shelf Cajun eats for very reasonable prices during lunchtime, when favorites such as Spinach & Crawfish Dip and a variety of shrimp-based dishes appear on the menu alongside classics such as Oyster Rockefeller. It is difficult to go wrong with the Po’ Boy for lunch, and five different meat preparation options will satisfy any palate.

Dinner – Lefty’s Main Street Grille

Situated about a mile to the east of Lane Stadium is Lefty’s Main Street Grill. This place has a very impressive mixture of foreign-based and local dishes cooked by some of the most skilled chefs in the region. The dinner specials change on a regular basis, which is one of the reasons the locals enjoy dining here every bit as much as visitors to the city operating on word-of-mouth suggestions. Lefty’s is a perfect family establishment in the sense that mom and dad can partake in dishes such as Cucumber Dill Salmon or Duck Salad while the kids feast on Cali Burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Dessert – Rita’s

Many of the tasty and colorful creations at this desert spot involved shaved ice, and the popular dessert spot has clearly perfected the art of putting the delicate dessert together. Cream ice, sugar-free Italian ice and Italian ice are the highlights of the menu, but Rita’s also has modern staples of the dessert realm such as Sundaes, Gelati and Misto — a blend of Italian ice and custard. It’s difficult to go wrong with anything on this menu, and low caloric totals keep guilt levels to a minimum.

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