Where Is Blacksburg Virginia


2013 Where Is Blacksburg Virginia

Virginia Tech University is located in the heart of Blacksburg, Virginia. It is a region rich in culture and geological diversity, and it’s home to a school that is considered one of the most powerful football institutions in the entire nation. Here’s a look at the campus itself and some plans on how to best access it, as well as a few can’t-miss spots in the surrounding area.

The Appalachian Mountains cut a strong path through the state of Virginia from northeast to southwest, and the popular stretch lies just to the north of campus. Those who visit Virginia Tech for football game will literally be within a few miles of the geological spectacle, which runs all the way from Maine to Georgia. The Appalachian Trail provides the entire area with an aura and mystique that comes with being deeply connected and appreciative of the Earth, and some members of the Virginia Tech football team have been known to train and strengthen their legs on its steep slopes leading up to the regular seasons. Movie fans will be able to easily access a region along a popular hiking trail where a scene from the 80s blockbuster Dirty Dancing was filmed.

The environment inside of Lane Stadium is often at a fever pitch, and the energy surrounding Hokies football has continued to rise since the arrival of head coach Frank Beamer many years ago. The team has become known for playing a tough nosed, never-back-down type of football, otherwise known as “Beamer Ball.” All Virginia Tech fans who are able to get their hands on tickets would be wise to adorn themselves in Virginia Tech gear from head to toe, because the vast majority of folks filling the seats are interested in openly showing their allegiance their favorite team.

As far as accessing the campus by way of automobile, the general sparseness of the surrounding areas makes things easier than usual. Virginia Tech University is essentially the opposite of a big city school located in the middle of everyday hustle and bustle. The city limits have a population of less than 50,000, and just over 150,000 residents call the entire metropolis and surrounding areas home. Simply put, the traffic jams are few and far between. A few open seats will likely be found at Gille’s, a downtown breakfast spot known for serving up delicious organic dishes.

Fans coming from southward cities such as Greensboro or Durham will find their way to Interstate 77, which connects with Interstate 81 about 30 miles southwest of campus. Taking state highway 460 will transport fans from Interstate 81 to the west edge of campus. Fans coming from all other areas will network a large collection of local highways linked to Highway 460, which is the largest thoroughfare over and through the Appalachian Trail in the nearby area.

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